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Request PushX SOV Service

Getting service in your SOV - Procedures

To inquire about PushX service in your SOV contact a Director in game via mail or convo. Once both parties agree the following procedures occur to set the structure up.
Why Upwell Structures are ideal for PushX SOV Service

In considering how we as a hauling corporation wish to approach the issue in terms of safety for both the customer and the hauler, while ensuring the ability to serve the greatest variety of customers living in sov nullsec, we’ve decided to do things a bit differently than historical freight agreements.

Considering the issues of docking rights of outposts and out of corp haulers, combined with wanting to have a uniform policy for dealing with all nullsec groups, PushX will put up a local structure in systems with cooperation of the local sov-holding entities. JF contracts in sov null will be to or from PushX structures, and with the obvious exception of PushX and our own hauling alts, the sov-holder will be given free rein to set docking rights, service access, etc. as they see fit. Furthermore, PushX will fit any supplied modules and rigs to the structure and grant rights to control their use; not only will this structure be a convenient logistics stop, but it can serve any other normal functions desired.

You may be wondering why we’d go to the expense and effort of setting up our own structure network rather than simply arrange blue standings in stations, as other organizations do. In addition to the aforementioned security concerns, we’re preparing for a post-outpost galaxy. Keeping track of which of our customer’s outposts are at accessible in the long run could interfere with the dependability of our service. Instead, PushX aims to maintain neutrality and control the delivery endpoints ourselves. Our customers know their goods can’t be trapped in a structure because of the asset safety system, and we know that our JF pilots will have a safe home regardless of the current political situation.