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Service Update - JFs Untethered

We have launched a bundle of new JF Services/Features!

  • Staging service for pirate insurgencies: Flat fee of 250M ISK from Jita > Turnur for all your keelhauling needs!
  • Alliance JF Service: JF Service to structures of any corp or alliance with 75 or 250 members respectively.
  • PushX Mailbox Service: A PushX citadel in your system for deliveries
  • Double Wraps/Assembled Containers in JF Contracts: Now allowed
  • Discord Consultation Service: Have PushX reps directly in your corp or alliance's Discord server
  • JF Round Trip Discounts: Buy-one-get-one-25%-off for round trip.
  • See more details

PushX Corp/Alliance Service

PushX offers JF service - with the full range of service limits - to private structures via our Alliance Service model.

Requirements to Apply for PushX Alliance Service:

Procedure to Apply for PushX Alliance Service:

PushX reserves the right to deny service to any structure, corp, or alliance in the interest of operational security.

PushX Mailbox Service

PushX Mailbox Service is ideal for smaller corps or alliances looking for convenient JF service to a structure.

Procedure for PushX Mailbox Service::