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How to make a PushX contract

  1. Get quote using form below
  2. Issue the courier contracts as 'Private' to 'Push Industries'
    - If Assembled Containers or Plastic Wrap in the contract:
    • Must be mentioned in the contract description.
    • Assembled ships are OK.
    • Use a split contract instead of containers if possible. How to setup split contracts
    • Not allowed for freighter or jump freight contracts.
    • Containers or plastic wraps can cause delivery delays.
  3. You get notified about delivery by EVEmail
    • Add Push Industries to your contacts, if your CSPA charges are enabled.
    • No need to link contracts in game or notify us that you have made a contract. Our system will detect it automatically. You can view your contracts anytime at MyPushX
Join our channel "PushX" in game. Sign up for MyPushX to follow your contract's place in line.


Accepted Player Structures - Request SOV Service
  up to: 110 m³ | 12,500 m³ | 62,500 m³ | 337,500 m³ | 360,000 m³ | 848,000 m³ | 1,126,500 m³
Collateral M| B (Examples: 300m, 2.65 Billion ISK, 1.2B, 400,000,000)
  Get an evaluation of your items at Evepraisal.com. Use SELL value as collateral.

Your query

Route I-ME3L >> Jita
Route type Nullsec
Warps 3 Highsec, 5 Lowsec, 2 Nullsec, 6 Cynos
Volume 337,500 m³
Collateral 3,000,000,000 ISK

Your quote

Service type Nullsec (JF-Large)
Issue to Push Industries
Normal Price 715,000,000 ISK
Rush Price 795,000,000 ISK
(Note: Calculated prices are final and already include discounts from special deals)
Container policy Containers NOT ALLOWED.
Contracts with containers will be REJECTED.
Use split contracts for more than 500 item stacks.
(How to set up split contracts)
Expiration 7 days (3 days for Rush Service)
Days to complete 3 days (3 days for Rush Service)